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Join Thandanani Children’s Foundation, in partnership with Old Mutual, at the Small is Big Business Breakfast, featuring guest speaker GG Alcock (The White Zulu)


EXPLORE the potential of informal, low-income, mass markets with GG Alcock, author of KasiNomics
DISCOVER how Thandanani Children’s Foundation support their local development



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Marc Alcock, or GG as he is better known, was raised in a mud hut in Msinga one of the most poverty stricken parts of KwaZulu-Natal. GG’s community activist parents, Neil and Creina Alcock, raised their two sons in a Zulu community living in a hut with no running water, electricity or modern conveniences. Instead, GG and his brother grew up hunting and herding in the hills. As a result, GG is fluent in Zulu, conversant in many other South African Languages, and intimately knowledgable of African cultures.

As an adult, GG has used his unique skills and experience to highlight and grow informal, low-income mass markets in Africa.

Living and doing business in African marketplaces requires an ethos uniquely suited to the informal, to the invisible, and to the intangible and it is some of these secrets that GG will share with us.

He will be talking to us about the informal business sector and how it is the next great frontier of Africa – a new world of small people doing big things, transforming the continent.

GG’s latest book, KasiNomics Revolution, will be on sale at the event. You can find out more at www.ggalcock.com


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