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By clicking SUBMIT I hereby declare that I am an authorised signatory of the account detailed above and that I have read, understood and accept all the terms and conditions associated with this debit order authority and do authorise Thandanani Children's Foundation to draw a monthly donation in the form of a debit order from my account as detailed in this electronic debit order authority.

This debit order authority may be cancelled by you giving Thandanani Children's Foundation thirty days notice in writing. In cancelling this debit order authority you will not be entitled to any refunds of amount(s) which Thandanani Children's Foundation may already have withdrawn against your account while this authority was legally in force. Each withdrawal will be reflected on your Bank statement. All bank charges associated with this Debit Order Authority will be for your account and will be automatically processed against your account by the bank. Receipt of this instruction by Thandanani Children's Foundation is to be regarded as receipt thereof by your Bank. You agree to Thandanani Children's Foundation contacting you to acknowledge receipt of your donations and provide you with information regarding the activities of the organisation. Thandanani Children's Foundation will not distribute your contact or banking details to any third party without your prior consent. Thandanani Children's Foundation will not cede or assign any of its rights in terms of this debit order authority to any third party without your prior written consent.

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