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Put together a 4Kids Gift Box filled with surprises and Thandanani Children’s Foundation will deliver it to a deserving child for you. You can put together your own special box using our guidelines, drop it off at our offices, and we will then make the delivery to a special child… OR simply click below to purchase a “pre-paid” gift box for just R300 and we will put it together and deliver it for you.


Make Your Own

If you are making up your own box here are some steps, tips and tricks to take note of.


  • Get your hands on an empty box. A shoe box is a good size but it can be any box. Please make sure the box is clean.
  • Make your box FUN! Decorate it with pretty paper, paint it, put cool stickers on it, go wild and enjoy yourself!
  • Put special items inside your box for a child. There are a wide range of things that you can fill it up with.
  • Label the box with an age and gender e.g. girl aged 7 and a little “wish” or special saying if you like.
  • Drop off your finished box at our offices at Thandanani House, 46 Langalibalele Street, PMB.

Important Notes:

  • All gifts/items should be new and not second hand, damaged or previously used.
  • Specify if your box is for a girl, a boy or a fairly general box (things that can be for a girl or boy).
  • Specify the age of your chosen child. There are children of all ages looking for a gift, choose from baby to 18 years of age, especially when it comes to clothing.
  • Please put sweets/chocolates, toiletries, and all items containing liquids (e.g. bubbles, paints etc.) in a ziplock bag to prevent any leaking or melting and damaging the other items in the box.
  • Please include batteries with battery operated toys
  • Secure your box with an elastic band so as not to let the lid flip open and items to fall out while in transit.
  • We reserve the right to open your box to check the items and ensure all items are appropriate before we make any deliveries.
  • The price of an online box is R300


  • Perishable food
  • Toys or anything of a violent nature
  • Anything political/religious/racial
  • No medicines or vitamins

Ideas of Box Items:

  • Toiletries (Toothpaste & Toothbrush,Soap & Sponge or Facecloth, etc)
  • Clothing (T-shirt, Shorts, Underwear, Socks, Dress, etc)
  • Educational (Reading book, Colouring book, Pens, Pencils & Ruler, etc)
  • Spoilers (Sweets (NOT Chocolates), Bubbles, Toys, Ball, Hair Accessories, Paint, etc)

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