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Help vulnerable children and their families!

There are many more ways you can be the change vulnerable children and their families need. Use the quick and easy button below to make a donation in support of Thandanani’s work today.

We use the secure Payfast payment gateway for all our online payments.


Here you can make a regular contribution towards the work that Thandanani does in supporting vulnerable children and their families. Like any NGO or Charity, Thandanani Children’s Foundation relies on contributions from caring individuals and organisations in order for it to be able to support and transform the lives of children and families in need. So join the 4Kids Virtual Village and sign up as a 4Kids Monthly Supporter today!

Here you will find a list of much needed items which you could donate to a child or family in need. We all have ordinary everyday items which, while still perfectly functional, we no longer use or need. By donating these to Thandanani you will extend their usefulness and help transform the life of a vulnerable child or family. So join the 4Kids Virtual Village: get “spring cleaning” and “recycle” those unwanted goods today!

Are you planning to run the Comrades Marathon; cycle the Cape Argus; swim the Midmar Mile or climb Kilimanjaro this year? Why not do it for charity? Here you will be guided through a simple process to set up a doit4charity webpage through which you can raise funds while you have fun participating in your favourite sport or undertaking your next great adventure! So join the 4Kids Virtual Village and do it for charity today!

Put together a 4Kids Gift Box filled with surprises and Thandanani Children’s Foundation will deliver it to a deserving child for you. You can put together your own special box using our guidelines, drop it off at our offices, and we will then make the delivery to a special child… OR simply click below to purchase a gift box and we will put it together and deliver it for you.

Is your birthday is coming up? Why not celebrate by giving? There are those out there, who don’t have food to put on the table every day, or something warm to wear in winter. So why don’t you celebrate your birthday by giving back? Or by encouraging others to give back? All you need to do is encourage your family and friends to, instead of buying you a present, donate to Thandanani Children’s Foundation on your behalf. And help a family or a child in need.

As a founding member of Thandanani Children’s Foundation, Penny Haswell was actively involved in providing care and support to abandoned babies at Edendale hospital in the late 80’s. To honour Penny Haswell, who passed away on 27 October 2014, and her legacy of “putting children first”, the Haswell family have established the Penny Haswell Education Fund to continue her passion for promoting and fostering children’s education.

Thandanani is already listed as a MySchool / MyVillage beneficiary. If you are a regular shopper at places like Woolworths; Food Lovers Market; Engen and many others; please consider getting a MySchool / MyVillage card and linking Thandanani Children’s Foundation as your chosen beneficiary. Each time you swipe your card we will then receive a contribution towards our work with Kids at absolutely no cost to you!

When last did you update your will? Have you ever thought about leaving some of your estate to a charity? Why not take a few minutes to update your will and, while you ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of your death, contribute a little to support some of the children and families that Thandanani works with.   For guidelines on how you can leave a lasting legacy 4Kids click here today!

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